About Us

Stu has had many lives… including a few in this lifetime.  He used to be so… normal.

He went to an Ivy League school (Cornell) as an undergrad.  He graduated first in his MBA class in finance (Northeastern Univ.).  He then spent twenty years focused on the Almighty dollar in the stock market, as a stock broker, options trader and money manager.

At the peak of his financial success in the late 1990’s, his wife was diagnosed with cancer that was ultimately terminal.  It was clear that there was no amount of money that would give him and his family what they really wanted.  This was his wake-up call, a spiritual two-by-four that slapped him upside the head. 

He started a journey that led to his letting go of the investment world to discover the answer to these questions: “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “What is this fixation on money, wealth and security all about?”

To explore these questions, he co-authored, “Inner Security and Infinite Wealth:  Merging Self-Worth and Net Worth” with Jared Rosen.  He then created and hosted the nationally broadcast radio program, Inside Wealth, interviewing such diverse luminaries as Deepak Chopra, Tony LaRussa and George Zimmer about their perspective on success and world vision.  More recently, he created and hosted the Inner Espresso short-form video series that translated universal wisdom into practical calls to action for business.

The Now Testament and Pastor Present are the current manifestation of his invoking Divine inspiration and service.   Oh… and he has asked for Divine playmates to sing, dance, laugh and pray with. 
Thanks for showing up! You may reach Stu at stu@thenowtestament.com.

TNT Co-Creator