Q. Is “The Now Testament” a bible for an organized religion?
A. No, it’s a compilation of scientific and universal wisdom available in the moment, hopefully presented in entertaining fashion. Specifically, The Now Testament is designed to help you awaken to and experience the truth of your Divine Infinite nature. Because there are infinite ways to connect to that which is infinite, The Now Testament incorporates wisdom from many paths… and is completely revisable with new understandings in every moment. Like a buffet of Oneness, take what works for you and leave the rest.
While we have no interest in creating any formal or organized religion, we are certainly open to helping catalyze a movement or new era of humanity in which love, joy, peace and celebration govern our lives.

Q. Are you making fun of Torah ("the Old Testament") or the Bible (The New Testament)?
A. Absolutely not. Actually, we are grateful for the wisdom they convey. We are simply offering a revised interpretation of some of these teachings in light of scientific and other knowledge gained since they were written (hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago).

Q. What do you say to us who find deep meaning and value in our long-held religious affiliations?
A. Congratulations! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We launched The Now Testament because many people are feeling disillusioned or unfulfilled with their lives. In some cases, their religious affiliations are not giving them either the peace of mind or love of life they deeply desire. Hopefully, The Now Testament can be of service to them.

Q. Who do you think you are? What qualifies you to create and compile "The Now Testament"?
A. We are Children of God, aspects of All There Is – no more or less than anyone else is. No more than you are! We feel called and inspired to launch The Now Testament so that we may all know liberation from fear, limiting beliefs and this strange notion that we are somehow separate from God or All There Is.

Q. Is “The Now Testament” just another New Age concept? How is TNT different from other teachings?

A. Isn’t “New Age” better than “old age?” Seriously, on some level, everything has already been written and said about awakening, Oneness, God and the unified field of consciousness.
What may be unique about The Now Testament is its light-hearted, entertaining tenor combined with the practices and games of consciousness present in the “Prayground” area. In fact, “sugar-coating” the process of surrendering old beliefs into conscious awakening with humor may be just what the doctor ordered. After all, is there really any law that says that awakening needs to be a scary proposition?

Q. How is The Now Testament relevant to me in the real world?

A. That depends on you.
For one thing, the “real world” such as it is, may in fact be illusionary or at least merely one possibility. What if you could love your life, know deep inner peace and live in true freedom without being caught up in the rat race? Would that be relevant to you?
The Now Testament offers you potentially THE most relevant path to you… a path of truth, love, joy and inner peace. Only you can make that call.

Q. I'm afraid to trust you and "The Now Testament." What do you say to that?
A. Don’t take our word for anything. We have no “commandments” for you. We do not tell you what is right, what is wrong, what is sinful or even what to believe.
Decide for yourself what is true. Use whatever you find of value here and disregard the rest. There are infinite paths to that which is Infinite, and we honor yours… whatever it is. Just know that you are never alone… and we are here to serve you the best we can. We are here to love.
Let us know how we may best serve you and your awakening.