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Many Paths, One Inheritance

All there is IS all there is.  How’s that for a flair for the obvious? Seriously, whatever this Infinite field of energy, consciousness or Divinity is called, it includes us… it’s living through us. Can it really be that simple?
“All there is, IS all there is!“
Is it possible that the belief in separation from the One is simply a misperception… even if it’s been going on since the beginning of recorded time?!

Quantum physics shows us that the physical world is not as it seems.   Given that science is proving that we are, in fact, energy waves consisting of cells that are not solid, then there is more to us than meets the eye, literally. We also know this to be true because we know intuitively that we are more than our physical bodies; each of us is a sentient being of consciousness that experiences a full spectrum of sensations and emotions. 
What if we merge this intuitive knowing that we are physically intangible beings in our essence with the quantum field of Infinite possibility and the belief in One consciousness called God, Spirit, Source, the Universe or something else? Then, the belief in separation dissolves into a state of Unity, such that each of us feels whole, wholly connected to each other and truly Holy Spirits. The implications for our lives, our relationships and human civilization are mind-boggling and heart-blossoming!
The myriad paths for awakening can go by many names, each with their own rituals, varying areas of focus and mythologies and metaphysics.  Yet, even as we have a veritable cornucopia of philosophies and spiritual disciplines from which to choose, we share one inheritance.  We have all inherited this physical world, the legacy of all human history (with all its assets and liabilities) and even the concept of time.  In a word, we have inherited a belief in separation – and all of its resulting economic, geo-political, legal, religious, educational and family systems. And, we have inherited the innate desire to be happy - in a free, loving and joyful presence.   And it’s time to claim it!!!
So here’s our mission (not impossible!): The Now Testament is on a mission to awaken and empower our inherent freedom, joy, innocence and playfulness!  We do this by sharing entertaining, practical content from many scientific and spiritual sources for us to directly experience more love of life, and ultimately the truth of our infinite being.

Let the games of consciousness begin… again and anew…

Timely & Timeless Videos

Gregg Braden
    • Gregg Braden – Renowned scientist and author, Gregg Braden walks us through the connection between humans, emotions and the electro-magnetic field of the Earth.  Very cool… and he has a great head of hair!.
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Will Smith – Actor Will Smith shares his passion for life and his determination to be better, better and better.  And make others’ lives better.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs – Apple Founder and Capitalist Icon, Steve Jobs shares his inspirations on living and pursuing your dreams.  How do you want to live?
View »

Brene Brown
Brene Brown – Brene Brown, Research Professor, sheds light on vulnerability, shame and self-judgment… so that we can live in authenticity and love.  You know what happens when you shine light on a shadow…
View »

Joe Rogan
  • Joe Rogan – Comedian and Blogger Joe Rogan challenges us to rise above an adolescent stage of emotional evolution.  Spicy language warning.
    View »

Cecilia St. King
Cecilia St. King – Peace Troubadour Cecilia St. King serenades us all with a universal anthem of peace, “Peace on Earth.”  Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alekem.
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Comedy Mix
Comedy Mix – A collection of stand-up comedy routines with observation such as “Religion:  The Hot Potato… but it burned my mouth.”  Laughter can be a great healer.
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