Prayground Introduction Video

Enjoy some games of consciousness.
Exercise your muscles of awareness.
Experience the Truth that you are more than meets the eye… LITERALLY!
It’s profound… it’s invigorating… AND IT’S FUN!!!

  • Human Being Breathed
    Human Being Breathed

    In this breathing exercise, you allow for the very real possibility that whatever you call the Infinite Field (God, Spirit, Source, the Universe, etc.) that It is literally doing the inhale and exhale in your body. VIEW

  • Expand-a-Ball Heart
    Expand-a-Ball Heart

    This mind/body/spirit exercise is designed for you to stretch your chest cavity, specifically to allow greater loving energy to course through your heart and entire body.  You will need a yoga ball for this one. VIEW

  • A-Bun-Dance!

    Don’t let this light-hearted dance step fool you.  Abundance is a natural state of being and this little shake and shimmy with have you shaking off the dust, rust and mistrust that stands in the way. VIEW

  • Heart Up-Lifts
    Heart Up-Lifts!

    This is another dance move, set to the classic R&B tune, “Higher and Higher” performed by Jackie Wilson.  “Your love keeps liftin’ me higher” is a phrase from the lyrics… and a most viscerally joyful experience of en-lighten-ing your heart!  Side effect: involuntary smiling. VIEW

  • Dance Your Dance!
    Dance Your Dance!

    Vocals by Mooji, Music by Ariel -- Mooji, an awakened teacher, reads from the Ribhu Gita, originally written in Sanskrit known as the Siva Rahasya.  Let the Truth seep into your being, the music carry your body… and  Dance Your Dance… VIEW

  • One-Moment Meditation
    One-Moment Meditation

    In this brief animated video, author Martin Boroson guides you in a one minute meditation that can be compressed into a single moment!  After the end of the Mayan calendar, who’s got the time for a long, drawn out process?  Relax, enjoy, repeat… VIEW

  • Emotion is Created by Motion
    Emotion is Created by Motion

    Legendary motivational speaker and teacher, Tony Robbins offers a few different exercises to elevate your mood by putting your body into motion.  It’s a body-mind-spirit love fest!  VIEW

  • Ho’ Oponopono
    Ho’ Oponopono 

    A beautiful heart-opening exercise with sweet musical accompaniment, the four powerful, yet simple phrases are universal in freeing ourselves from the past and living a more loving present.  Enjoy the release. Feel free to let tears of healing and gratitude flow. VIEW

  • “Self-Testing”

    “Self-Testing” Rita Harrison, teacher of The Willow System, shares with us how to unlock our inner truths through a form of muscle testing. Sometimes the body knows more than the brain! Who knew?  VIEW

Prayground Introduction Video